Thursday, July 14, 2011

my new green corset

Fin's friend MsTangledWebs totally surprised Fin and I with matching green corsets that she made us! Isn't that awesome!? MsTangledWebs made them because Fin once said that she'd never wear a matching outfit with one of us, and MsTangledWebs made it like a personal challenge to come up with one! And she totally did too!

Fin took a photo of her wearing hers yesterday and people mentioned wanting to see mine on me as well, so here you go!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

fireworks and memes

We've seen a lot of fireworks this summer. We've been to three different professional ones, and two picnics/backyard bbqs where once it got dark we set off some small ones as well, because that's legal in our state. Not the big ones, though, you need a licensee for those. It's really hard to get a good photos of fireworks because they don't last very long, but here's a decent one that Xander managed to get:

There have been a fair amount of trips too, sometimes for the whole weekend, sometimes just for a day. This weekend we want to a carnival, last night they had an 'all you can ride one price' night, you just had to buy bracelets and show the people the bracelets to get on the rides. The carnival breaks down on Sundays though, so that it can move on and be somewhere else tomorrow, so today is just a lazy day, which is good because after so many trips in a row, it seems like we've a lot of wash to do (I'm old enough to do my own laundry).

My online-friend, Sabine gave me the idea to do a meme, so I figured that while I was waiting on that load to finish before I could hang it up. I'll get a few of the others to answer, too - we'll do a short one since multiple of us doing it will make it seem much longer for anyone reading it.

1) Name/Nickname:

2) From:
Aurora: Pennsylvania
Aedon: Pennsylvania/England
Xander: Colchester, England
Ember: Oregon

3) Age/Grade:
Aurora: 11, 6th
Aedon: 10, 5th
Xander: 12, we've a different grading system in the UK, I'm in year 8
Ember: 11, our schooling co-op doesn't really have formalized grades

4) Hair/Eye Color:
Aurora: warm medium brown, brown
Aedon: dark brown, dark brown
Xander: brown, hazel/brown
Ember: brown, hazel-brown

5) Family/Siblings:
Aurora: only child, mom, grandmom
Aedon: only child, mum, & two dads
Xander: younger brother, mum, dad
Ember: an older brother, a younger sister, mom & dad

6) Religious Affiliation:
Aurora: nothing really, though I do to church with my grandmom
Aedon: Atheist
Xander: CoE
Ember: eclectic neo-pagan, a bit toward the secular side

7) Pets:
Aurora: two dogs, Omicron and Epsilon
Aedon: three cats- Stravinsky, Shostakovich, and Bach
Xander: none
Ember: a few fish

8) Special Talent/Know For:
Aurora: artsy stuff!
Aedon: music stuff, the blowing stuff up kind of science!
Xander: violin, piano
Ember: being unflinching in the face of frogs, bugs, and other things of that nature

9) Favorite Color:
Aurora: bright secondary colors
Aedon: black, fuscshia, and red
Xander: red
Ember: pink

10) Favorite Food:
Aurora: mm, spaghetti
Aedon: grilled cheese
Xander: chocolate
Ember: tomatoes and peaches