Monday, June 20, 2011

summer starts

argh, such a bad photo, I know. It's just so bright and hot out! It seems like we went from a reasonably chilly and exceptionally wet Spring right smack into Summer in full tilt! After lunch, Iona and Mili went for a walk to get some frozen treats, and brought me one back, too. Aww <3

The last week of school was pretty hectic - Aedon and Myfanwy had chorus/choir concerts, Aedon, Xander, Song had band/orchestra concerts, I stayed after school a few days helping the art teacher tidy up the room, and brought home oodles of supplies, too! - but now that most of us are out, it's pretty boring. Not all of us signed up for camps or activities, so a fair portion of us have just been sitting around wasting time. Aedon keeps IMing me links to lolcats. That sort of thing.

What's everyone else doing for the summer?


  1. What great outfits - very summery!

    For the moment, we're just enjoying time off school. In a few weeks, the younger girls are going to sleep-away camp, and the older girls are going to be doing activity programs related to our interests: art, writing, dance, and political science.

    Happy start of summer!

    The Green Girls

  2. I've been mostly chilling out and waiting for it to not be windy on the days I can go outside and play. I think summer is supposed to be kind of lazy and I've been enjoying it so far.


  3. Hi, Aurora! I love both of those skirts! They're so pretty! My summer plans are reading for fun, going to the pool, and celebrating my birthday!