Friday, April 2, 2010

presents in the mail

Today was a great mail day!

We got two boxes in the mail; one from Fin's friend Shanna, and one from Fin's friend Shannon.

Shanna sent lots of presents; there was a toy goat for Josefina, some school supplies and a lamp for Addy, and a basket full of eggs and peeps, and a BUNNY for me!

Shannon sent us a bunch of Girl Scout cookies, and some sushi, as well as a new outfit!

Lucky us, having such great friends!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Project Doll Runway

Fin and I went to a home improvement store last night and picked up some paint colors so that I can decide what I want to do in my new room. Fin said I'd also have to find some scruffy clothing to paint in so my good things didn't get ruined. If you could paint your room any color you wanted, what would you choose? I'm going to think about it for a week, and then start painting next weekend. I'd rather wait a little and get it right, then paint it and hate it right away!

Did you know that there was a Project Runway for dolls!? I had no idea, but a few days after I arrived, there was something that looked like a photoshoot going on in the yard. The other dolls and I watched from the window. Fin and Alex (one of the other big humans), and Lyra - the doll that was doing the posing - took a bunch of photos. When they came back in I asked what that was about, and Fin said this was for round 2, and showed me round 1 and the blog. Fin also apologised for not having the spare time to sew something specifically for me something right now because of it, but that if there was something that I liked from the competition, I could wear it, so that's pretty cool. Maybe I'll even get to model something!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Wow, it's been crazy just getting here, but I'm finally home! I'm only three months late!

I'm so happy to be done travelling for awhile, though I did have a nice visit in Chicago with some of the humans' friends who gave me gifts to bring home for the other dolls here.

Everyone was really nice and met me with a welcome home sign, too. There was cake and ice cream, and I guess this weekend I'll be settling in. Actually, everyone's nice, so I had no reason to worry about that, and I certainly won't ever be lonely, so I'm thinking this will be a lot of fun.

I already have a room and some furniture, but I get to pick out paint and to decorate it myself! How awesome is that!? I think that I'll have a lot of rainbows, so that I can have all of my favorite colors. Fin, and Iona who I think is the doll that sews, said that they'd help me pick out some fabric to make bedding that matches, too. I guess we'll be busy for awhile doing that, maybe the next time I write a blog entry, I can show you the painting progress!