Saturday, May 28, 2011

Memorial Day plans?

We have a long weekend this weekend for Memorial Day. It started with a half day on Friday, and then we've off on Monday.

We always use this time for a combination of yard work, picnics and day trips, so when the non-Americans in our group asked us what was Memorial day about, a bunch of us largely chimed in with things like cook-outs with hamburgers, some of us who've lived close enough to the shore said going to the beach, the first time the pools open for the summer season, things like that. I knew that wasn't why the day existed though (because it would be called Grillin' Day if it were, not Memorial Day, right?) so we looked it up. It's to honor all the Americans who have died in all of our wars. Victoria said that sounded a lot like their Remembrance Day (you know, except not Americans then).

Yesterday after school we went grocery shopping for things for the weekend, and in the evening after it had cooled down some, we did some yardwork. This morning we did some more yardwork (we've a big yard!) and right now we're inside cooling off again and having lunch. Then we're heading to the Mütter Museum for the afternoon, and having dinner in the city, which is neat because there's more different kinds of food to choose from than out in the middle of no where, where we live. Tomorrow we're going to go to the beach - it's a pretty far drive for us so that'll be most of the day, so we've no other plans. Monday we're staying home and having a cook-out party, that a bunch of friends are coming over for, which is why we've been doing so much yard work!

The weather is funny, it went from kinda cold and rainy, to really hot pretty quick, so we've been working in our bathingsuits so that we can take breaks and hose off or run around in the sprinkler. I'm afraid to take my camera out and take photos with the water going, but here's a photo Fin took earlier or Aedon, Joy, and Joy's little sister Grace, cooling off in the sprinkler.

Do you have any plans for this weekend?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

rainy day packages

It's been raining really bad here all week. Luckily I was able to get a ride home from school every day so I didn't get soaked walking.

After we were done our homework, Fin said that we had some packages. They were some clothing that she'd bought for us, so of course we had to go and put things on and take photos. They're not great photos because Fin said it was "too wet for that nonsense" but that we could do it ourselves if we needed it done right then, but that if we wanted better photos later, she'd do it the next day it was reasonably dry. heh, so we waited until it was just drizzling, and quick ran out and took photos all ninja like. I took the one of Song, Song took the one of Joy, and Joy took the one of me.

Song is wearing a babydoll top made by PattiKuz and knit capris by DollCloset. Her hat and boat shoes are AG brand.

Joy is wearing a puffed sleeve tee by Katie J. Designs and a shift dress by MissSissy. Her hat and flip-flops are AG brand. Her necklace was made by Lizziebee Designs.

Me! I'm wearing a puffed sleeve tee also by Katie J Designs, a patchwork skirt made for me by PattiKutz, and a crochet shrug from Lavenderlore. Fin made m necklace, and both my hat and shoes are AG brand.

Around this time of year, and around then again in August or September is when we usually get some new things (summer outgrown stuff now, and then nicer/warmer stuff at the start of school - though of course people always seem to get a few things around the holidays as well). Have you gotten anything new lately?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

dry spell

I haven't drawn in awhile. I mean, I've doodled on school work when I finished early, but I've not really done any proper art. It's so frustrating to not feel inspired. It makes me question who I am, you know?

Is there anything that if you suddenly couldn't stop doing, you'd feel less like you? I asked some of the others here that, and this is what they said:
Llinos: write code
Zora: dance
Xander: play violin
Joy: bake
Aedon: read

Joy said when she has trouble baking, like if things keep messing up, that she'll make a recipe that she knows by heart, and try to make something completely different out of it; she said that's how she turned oatmeal cookies into the cranberry granola that Riley's so crazy about, so maybe I could take a medium I know and do something really different with it-- but I can't think of any way to do that! Llinos said that sometimes if she's come to a rough spot where she can't make any code, she goes for a walk to clear her head. I've been walking so much this week! I even went out jogging with Niamh and Riley a few times. Zora said that if she doesn't feel like dancing, that sometimes it's because she's tired, so she listens to bouncy music that'll make her feel like getting up again. There was an artist who was really into combining music and art, named Kadinksy, but he was an abstract painter, and that's not really my thing.

I'll brainstorm some ideas, I guess, but if you have any ideas, feel free to suggest them!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

new post, but no new pictures

Argh, I didn't post all of April! I'm bad at this blogging thing.

See, I'm so visual, I feel like each post must have at *the vey least* one photo, and so if I can't get out and take photos, or have photos taken of me, I feel like I can't really post, because no one'll be interested in just me talking. For awhile I couldn't find my micro-USB to upload photos off my camera, and also it's off and on been really windy and/or rainy, and really, not a whole lot has been going on.

But the other girls said that that's not really true that people only want to read things with pictures, and also that they'll help me out with writing more, too, if I'd want. I think that sounds like a great idea, and we're coming up with some sort of rota with them brainstorming what they'll post. Song and Xander thought maybe they might post music, and Mili thought maybe she'll write a story she can post as serial, or maybe just review her favorite books. The others are still thinking, though, but it got me all excited!

I also figured that I could probably draw sometimes and show you that, but I'd have to ask Fin to get the scanner hooked up to this machine again. If I drew something to post, what would you like me to draw?