Sunday, February 27, 2011

with a Song in our hearts

OMG I haven't posted in ages, but the whole household got sick. Seriously, one after another, we were all dropping like flies. We're all feeling better now though, so that's good.

I had to post though because something really exciting happened this weekend - the new person finally came to stay with us! Her name is Song Huo, and she's from both Vancouver in Canada and Guandong in China. She didn't have many bags with her, but she said that some of her luggage got held up and should be arriving later, including her cello. Song seems really nice so far, I'm looking forward to getting to know her more.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mo' Munnys, and Introducing: Zora & Araminta

Hey, I'm in Tech Com class with some extra time before the bell to go home, and I thought I'd update. Last night Aedon wanted to go to the Hot Topic at the mall and didn't want to go alone so I tagged along, and we found out that it's closing! They had some miniMunnys there on super sale so I bought another. If you don't know what a Munny is you can check them out at kidrobot. I was hoping that I wouldn't get one I had already had, and I didn't, so that's good. You're suppose to art on them, but I haven't done any of my others yet.

I'll do another introduction since Araminta and Zora were nice enough to email me a photo to use (lol totes myspace photo). They're sisters; everyone always thinks they're twins since they're always together, they even have their birthday parties together, but they're not-- Zora was born.. hold on, I'm really bad at math, uhm. July 6th, and Araminta was born June 7th of the following year. It's, like, one day shy of 11 months, right? Anyway, they're also nothing alike-- Zora is totally outgoing and takes all kinds of dance lessons, whereas Araminta seems kind of quiet and shy, and she plays group sports like basketball and softball.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!
I hope everyone is having a good day with friends and family and other loved ones.

In middle school we don't really give out those little paper valentine's, but our school did have a party where we got naked cupcakes and we got to choose from a few different colors of icing in little cups, and then little cups of things like candy or sprinkles or crushed up chocolate bits for ontop, and a few of us swapped each other for the ones we made.

Before I'd left for school today, Fin gave me this necklace for Valentine's Day. Isn't it awesome? It's one necklace, but looks like I'm wearing two.

When I got home from school, we had a package from our friend Shanna with Valentine's gifts; perfect timing, huh!? The box of chocolates said 'for Fin', but she told me they're really for me since she can't eat them-- so thanks, Shanna! I think that I will share them with the other Americans (the British kids always say American chocolate "tastes of sick" or I'd totes share with them, too).

I was also sneaky! I mentioned to Fin how silly it was that people were gossiping about something, and that if they wanted to know whether a new person was coming, and if they were Chinese or Canadian, they should just ask her. She gave me a funny smile, though, but then she said, "someone can be both, you know. like Sara is English, but she's also Indian...". I think that's a hint! I think that there IS a new person, and that they'll be Chinese Canadian! (Or Canadian Chinese, I guess...) I wonder what they're like and when they'll arrive!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Introducing!: Xander, Aedon & Llinos

I thought that until I've some other news, I'd spend some time introducing you to the other people who share the house with me.

This is Xander, who I mentioned yesterday. The photo was taken in the fall, before we needed coats to go outside. Uhm, let's see. He's English, he's a year older than me, he goes to a fancy school that's really old and totally looks like Hogwarts! He has to wear a uniform to school too, though it's a bit different than Hogwart's. He plays the violin and sometimes goes all over Europe with the youth orchestra that he's a member of - isn't that awesome!? He also plays cricket, which he's been trying to explain to me but makes NO sense so he says in the spring he'll show me. He kinda hates it when people say 'pip pip' or 'cheerio' to him, he says people in England don't talk like Mary Poppin's movies (films) anymore, but he really does sound like the people in them. Fin says he has a rather posh accent, that's why.

Aedon was here when I arrived, in fact, she's actually pretty crafty and worked on my welcome sign. She's usually busy with singing in her school's choir and playing trumpet in the band and practice for that twice a week, though when she is free she's always trying to get the rest of us to game with her (both computers and D&D type stuff), or reading. She's American, like me, but she's British too and spends summers there, so she translates for me when I don't know what some of the words are that the others use. Oh, and she has three cats who are named after composers, but I can never remember their names. Here's a photo of Aedon with Llinos, and Llinos' dog, Terebinth I took not long after I arrived here:

Llinos is Welsh. Learning to say her name was difficult for me because I'd never seen two lls together before! (Ll makes a kind of hissing noise, a bit like angry cats.) Thankfully she's really sweet and patient and was happy to help me learn. She also doesn't mind when I ask her to repeat herself - she sounds beautiful, sorta like she's singing even when she's just speaking, but it's not always easy to understand her. She really likes learning languages - I don't think I've ever known someone who can speak so many before and it can be funny to listen to her practice different noises! She also really likes doggies, too, so likes to walk Epsilon and Omicron for me if I've got something going on and can't.

I guess that's good for now because I'll have something to post about every few days if I just do a few people each time. There's so many people that if I'm careful and spread them out a bit, I'll have something to post about for a whole month even if nothing exciting happens!

Friday, February 11, 2011

unintended absence

Whoa, it's been awhile since I posted! So much has happened in that time, too. Well, since I was talking about my room, I'll update you on that - there was a big mold problem in the doll houses, and that caused a lot of problems, and everything's been a mess, here and there while things are checked out or cleaned and put where they belong again, so no painting was done. Which is just as well because a bunch more people came and some of them may be getting rooms, too!

One of the new people is Xander (that's in in the snow with me), though he's not very new, but new since I last posted. He's British like a lot of the other people here. He's cute, but he can be very irritating. Fin says it's because we both have strong opinions and want to be right. I admit that I kinda like arguing with him, it's nice to be able to state my opinion without people getting frightened of me.

There's talk of another girl coming in the next week or so, but it may just be gossip because some people are saying that she's Canadian, and others are saying that she's Chinese.

I'll try to post more often from now on and let you know what's going on, though.