Wednesday, September 14, 2011

whether weather

It rained a lot. Then we had a hurricane.

We lost electricity for awhile, but luckily we were prepared! Our stove and ovens are electric in this house, so we either had cold food or we cooked on the grill. The worst part was all the tuna and peanut butter. Fin tells us that peanut butter is pretty awesome disaster food: cheap, nonperishable, doesn't need much prep, fairly nutritious, etc and encouraged us to remember this when we're in college - but I don't think I want to eat it almost once a day for a week then either. The best part was when Fin showed us how to use a cardboard box to make an oven that we could used on the grill and made us cake! Another best part may have been having the time off school, since they didn't have electricity either.

Then the weather was okay for a few days, and things started to go back to normal, except then it started raining some more. A lot more.

Our town has two rivers, that meet together, and all of the area right near them, particularly where they meet, flooded. We live far from the river, so we were reasonably okay, but our basement still had water in it, and Fin and Alex had to pump it all in a hose up the stairs and outside. There was enough that it took a lot of hours, we could hear the pump going still when we were trying to sleep. The following weekend we all helped out carrying things out of the storm doors and lying things out on the grass to dry and see what could be salvaged. It was better than Fin had thought it would be, but worse than Alex did; Fin says that's because she's a champion at worrying.

So that's why I've not posted in ages! Things are finally getting back to normal again, and hopefully saying that won't jinx us all and we'll get some other catastrophe! For awhile we didn't make plans, because we just couldn't count on anything, so I'm not sure what we'll be doing in the near future. I do know that art club starts meeting next week, and band practice has started back up for Aedon. Riley's been talking about taking a yoga class at the Y's fall session. Maybe I can have Aedon or Riley post about one of those things.


  1. Wow, sounds like a lot of adventures... not necessarily in a good way! Glad you survived. It sounds like Fin knows a lot of cool things about how to get by in this kind of situation.

    I hope things will be back to normal for again now!

    We're right on the coast, but far enough north that the hurricane was mostly dissipated by the time it got near us, and it actually passed the island to the west, rather than the east where we are. So we got some humid air and rain, but that was about it.

    We're relieved you're safe and sound!


  2. Hello, Aurora.
    That sounds scary! I do not like when the power goes off. I hope the weather is nicer for you. Stay dry!


  3. Hi Summer - it was quite an adventure. Normally I like those, but honestly, I'm looking forward to it being boring for awhile now :) I'm glad that all of youse were safe, too!

    Hi Angelica - It actually wasn't too scary, thank goodness. It was mostly annoying, we couldn't recharge our devices after they ran out of battery power, and of course the computers didn't work, so we had to find things to do that didn't require electricity, though we did have a lamp that you wind up or spin to generate power, and we used that in the evening to read by. I hope the weather stays dry now too, but it feels like fall here now which is when it usually rains a lot, so I'm guessing not.

  4. Hi Aurora,
    I'm sorry the weather has caused so much trouble for you. :( Our mayor made sure that New Yorkers knew about the hurricane coming, but it was still pretty scary. We live on an upper floor of an apartment building, so we didn't have any flooding.

    It sounds like Alex and Fin had to do a lot of work! I actually like peanut butter sandwiches, but I can imagine they'd get boring after a while. What was the first meal you guys had after the power came back?