Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Have you ever felt just sorta 'meh'? I've been having periods of that, where I really don't want to do anything, it's like being really tired, but not just in your body, also in your heart. I actually feel bad about feeling so bad, because nothing's really wrong, though, there's no reason I should feel bad. Fin said that's not really how things like this always work though.

I've been trying to hide out in my bedroom, and even though part of me is annoyed, another part of me feels relieved when the others come in. Even if they do disregard the 'do not disturb' sign I put on my door - Xander said it was too late, I was already disturbed! I know he was trying to be funny, Aedon told me that British people like puns like that long ago, but I think he was worried I wouldn't know that because he apologized right away. Him and I have been listening to the audio version of The Hunger Games so that we can see it when it comes out. Sometimes I get kind of anxious and worry that they don't like me, that I'm annoying or too opinionated or whatever, so its nice to see them trying to cheer me up because they'd probably only do that if they liked me.

Joy made me carrot cake, since that's my favorite, and she recently made macaroons, which I'd never had before. Llinos has been taking Omicron & Epsilon (my doggies) for walks with Terebinth. Aedon offered to bring in her laptop so that we could watch Dr Who on it. I don't really have the oomph to cope with higher energy people like Niamh, Zora, and Alejandro, though he did offer to help with some of my chores, and Araminta and Ember have just quietly done their homework with me, to make sure that I at least keep up with school work. Riley offered to show me how to meditate, or to crochet - she says that crochet is like a kind of meditation where she has a scarf to show for it, in the end. She said it would be a neat idea anyway, because then I could make things for gifts, but I think I'd just suck at it and who would want to wear that?

So, I guess that why I've not been posting much. It seems so sad to just talk about how meh I feel. Have any of you evert felt just all deflated? What did you do to get out of the funk?

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  1. Hi Aurora,
    I'm sorry you feel so meh. Making crafts and stuff helps get me out of my funk sometimes. I hope it gets better soon!