Friday, April 2, 2010

presents in the mail

Today was a great mail day!

We got two boxes in the mail; one from Fin's friend Shanna, and one from Fin's friend Shannon.

Shanna sent lots of presents; there was a toy goat for Josefina, some school supplies and a lamp for Addy, and a basket full of eggs and peeps, and a BUNNY for me!

Shannon sent us a bunch of Girl Scout cookies, and some sushi, as well as a new outfit!

Lucky us, having such great friends!


  1. That hat is adorable, Aurora! Your new bunny is adorable.

  2. Wow.The bunny is cute.Where did you get an Ag doll size box for it?

  3. The box came in the mail with all of my goodies inside!

  4. That's neat you guys got two fun packages!

  5. What fun stuff! I love Girl Scout Cookies!

  6. Fun! Presents in the mail, who doesn't love those? :)
    By the way, I love your style, Aurora. Everything you wore in your LMPT entries had me literally drooling! ;)