Thursday, July 14, 2011

my new green corset

Fin's friend MsTangledWebs totally surprised Fin and I with matching green corsets that she made us! Isn't that awesome!? MsTangledWebs made them because Fin once said that she'd never wear a matching outfit with one of us, and MsTangledWebs made it like a personal challenge to come up with one! And she totally did too!

Fin took a photo of her wearing hers yesterday and people mentioned wanting to see mine on me as well, so here you go!


  1. That top is really hot, Aurora! (I mean that in a good way, obviously.) It looks great on you.

    Very cool that you match Fin, too. :-)


  2. That is so awesome that you and Fin have matching corsets! Good for miss tangle web's sixth sense about what it would take for Fin to match one of you. Now, for the picture of the two of you together, or would that just be over the top??
    PS: It looks great paired with jeans, dressed-up casual. You could wear it out to dinner.

  3. Thanks, Bree!

    Bearpicnic, we didn't get a photo together, but Fin posted the one of just her in her livejournal so you could look at it there and compare the two. I tried to pick an outfit that looked like hers to go with it, though we would've looked more alike if she hadn't dyed her hair again.

  4. Lol, but her dyed hair matches the corset, which is perfect!

  5. Your corset is very cool. It looks great paired with jeans and that tank. I love your style- it's very unique, artsy, and fun. Fin's corset is great as well.

  6. Very cool! I wish I could have one like that!