Friday, August 12, 2011

new dolls and old lovies

Everyone's talking about the new American Girl dolls, Marie-Grace and Cecile, and then how all American Girl dolls have a a special toy, plushie, lovey, etc (except that Marie-Grace and Cecile don't have them yet!) and then, what OUR special item is.

Aedon: Kit & Ruthie AG dolls
Xander: I've a plushie racoon
Ember: hmm, my Breyer horses, maybe
Myfanwy: my plush sheep, Carys
Llinos: a red plushie squirrel
Joy: a teddybear named Cookie
Riley: a JLY AG (#9)
Sara: plushie elephant
Mili: a stuffed unicorn
Alejandro: a stuffed puppy
Zora: a rewigged JLY to look like me!
Araminta: Addy

Maybe later on this weekend I could take photos of them with their lovies, even!

Niamh, Song, Poppy, Victoria, Sako, and Iona weren't around when I asked. I didn't list anything for myself, because I'm not really sure what mine would be or if I even have one!

Do you have anything like that? Are you planning to get Marie-Grace or Cecile?


  1. Hi Aurora!
    We have Honey and we are planning to get Julie, I am crazy for her !

  2. Very cool! We'd love to see pictures! :-)

    We don't have any American Girl dolls, but we have stuffed animals and Evelyn collects toy horses. Ev knows all her horses' names, but the rest of us can never remember.

    The Green Girls

    P.S. We aren't planning to get Cécile or Marie-Grace dolls, but according to Blakeney it's likely we'll eventually get some real-people friends of our own size of that type with both those names. ;-)