Tuesday, December 6, 2011

a short wish list

Okay, Fin was on my butt to post a wish list because it's already December 6, and she said I have to consider mailing time, etc, so here it is:

- things for my head, like hats, headbands from LizzieBee (I really like the new silver, gold & white ones!), or flower clips

- some sort of rainbow decoration for my room, either like, six origami cranes (like, one each of roygbp) or maybe a pennant banner

- jewelry (I don't have my ears pierced yet but I like wearing necklaces & bracelets (& I hope to get my ears pierced soon))

- gauntlet/arm warmers (t-shirt type material)

- apples to apples (in my size)

- Elephant Calico Critters

- art books (like, drawing technique, or watercolor)

- a rainbow (roygbp) afghan

- a rainbow quilt (roygbp too)

- handmade things and art!


  1. Hi Aurora!

    You have a great wishlist. LizzieBee headbands are so nicely made. I love to make origami cranes! You can get special origami paper that is about 4cm square- that's what I used to make cranes for my New Year tree.

    I've already picked something from your list and my mama has talked to Fin about it. I can't wait to give it to you!

    Do you think I should post a wish list?



  2. Hey Inky!

    I love those headbands, our household has a few, though only two are mine.

    I've never made an origami anything, but I've been wanting to make a mobil with them for my bed room. Maybe if Fin can learn, she can show me, and we'll find that paper you were talking about. Putting them on your tree is such a great idea! I've a fake silver tree, I think putting putting some cranes on there would be a great idea!

    Yay, thank you! I think I've something I want to get for you, but I'm worried that it won't be here on time since it has to ship from far away (Aedon and Xander tell me that royal mail is notoriously bad) so if you could post a wish list, that would be really awesome! Also, I'm sure you've other friends who'd want to get you something as well!


  3. Hello Aurora!
    Well, I talked to my parents and it looks like you and I might to get to spend some time together around your birthday. Why don't we put off our holiday gifts until then? I'm really excited to give you your presents!

    Maybe if you visit me, I can go with when you get your ears pierced?

    I just posted a wish list, if you want other ideas. :)

    Inkerbelle Stinkerbelle

  4. That would be really awesome if I can come visit you and get my ears pierced for my birthday! Yay, I'm so excited, too! It's a perfect idea to do our gifts then too, especially since you celebrate New Year.

    Awesome, thanks! I really like how you did a photo montage thingie, too!

  5. I hope you get the things on your wish list Aurora!