Sunday, December 4, 2011

tagged for Christmas meme

1) What is your favorite part of the holiday season?

Aurora: so many baked goods!
Aedon: time off school
Xander: getting to see family

2) Who do you celebrate Christmas with?

Aurora: my grandmother, and other family come over for dinner
Aedon: sometimes we stay in the states, sometimes we go to England, so it depends
Xander: my parents, my brother and I go visiting my grandparents.

3) What is your favorite gift you have ever received?

Aurora: my drafting table
Aedon: my american girl dolls
Xander: a racing video game

4) What are your favorite Christmas Carols?

Aurora: We Three Kings
Aedon: Partridge in a Pear Tree, particularly how silly people get with five goooooolden rings, and then they can't remember all the verses and start making things up
Xander: In The Bleak Mid-Winter

5) What is your favorite Christmas food?

Aurora: all the baked goods! and also jellied cranberry sauce
Aedon: ham!
Xander: Christmas cake

6) Can you sleep on Christmas Eve?

Aurora: My grandmother and I exchange gifts on Christmas Eve and stay up late wrapping everyone else's, so by the time I get into bed (in my new jammies) I'm normally really ready to sleep.
Aedon: I never believed in Santa, so it's not like I stay up trying to listen for him or anything. We don't even have a fireplace.
Xander: no, but I get up at 5am on Christmas Day!

7) When do you wake up on Christmas morning?

Aurora: I normally get up around 9 or 10 to carry the gifts down and put them under the tree, and to help Grandma start the cooking.
Aedon: Normally around 8 because the kitties never let me sleep much later because they want to be fed.
Xander: oh, I answered that already, whoops!

8) What is your most memorable memory?

Aurora: I once burned the rolls I was making and set off the fire alarm :(
Aedon: the one time it actually snowed on Christmas
Xander: opening presents at my grandmother's house

9) What are you Christmas traditions?

Aurora: we always make a bunch of these cookies that the recipe is from my grandma's grandma's cookbook. and like I sad, Grandma and me exchange gifts on Christmas Eve, after we get home from church services.
Aedon: my parents and I trade gifts on Christmas Eve too.
Xander: watching the Queen's Speech before we open our presents

10) Do you have a real tree or an artificial tree?

Aurora: a really fake tree, like, super fake silver tinsel
Aedon: a fake tree, but it looks real. we have to have a fake tree because otherwise the kitties climb and eat it.
Xander: a real tree. every year we get a real tree, and my father tries to plant it in the yard, and every year it dies.



  1. Thanks Aurora! I'm going to get on it tonight! :)

  2. Thanks for answering! It's so neat to read about everyone's different holiday traditions!

    I agree with you on the cranberry sauce, Aurora! ;-)