Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mo' Munnys, and Introducing: Zora & Araminta

Hey, I'm in Tech Com class with some extra time before the bell to go home, and I thought I'd update. Last night Aedon wanted to go to the Hot Topic at the mall and didn't want to go alone so I tagged along, and we found out that it's closing! They had some miniMunnys there on super sale so I bought another. If you don't know what a Munny is you can check them out at kidrobot. I was hoping that I wouldn't get one I had already had, and I didn't, so that's good. You're suppose to art on them, but I haven't done any of my others yet.

I'll do another introduction since Araminta and Zora were nice enough to email me a photo to use (lol totes myspace photo). They're sisters; everyone always thinks they're twins since they're always together, they even have their birthday parties together, but they're not-- Zora was born.. hold on, I'm really bad at math, uhm. July 6th, and Araminta was born June 7th of the following year. It's, like, one day shy of 11 months, right? Anyway, they're also nothing alike-- Zora is totally outgoing and takes all kinds of dance lessons, whereas Araminta seems kind of quiet and shy, and she plays group sports like basketball and softball.

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