Monday, March 7, 2011

gone to the dogs

Since it was nice on Saturday, and I needed a break from working on my paper, I asked if the others with dogs wanted to get out and take their dogs to the dog park with me and Omicron and Epsilon. It's an off leash park so the dogs got to run around and play a bit which was fun.

Llinos brought a frisbee and Terebinth (above), Myfanwy's Seren (to the left), and Omicron and Epsilon had a good time running around after that, until they were tired. I got a good photo of Myfanwy and Seren while they were resting.

Niamh brought Beagan and kept him on his leash, though she ran about with him a lot. She said that he's a Patterdale terrier and that that breed tends to be really excitable and she was worried if she took him off she'd never catch him to get him home again. I had to laugh, because Niamh is a bit like that herself!

Myfanwy said that Seren is a bit like that too, and needs lots of exercising and attention or else she can get onto trouble, like digging through her drawers and eating socks. Myfanwy said it's because Seren, who is a Welsh Sheepdog, and Beagan are working dogs, and that those breeds are very intelligent and use to being active so you have to keep them busy and stimulated or they get into trouble trying to entertain themselves. I don't know what kind of dogs Omicron and Epsilon are, we adopted them from someone who fostered them after they were left abandoned in an apartment after their previous owners moved - can you imagine!? :( How sad. They use to get in trouble doing stupid things, too, though not so much now that they're no longer puppies. They once really did eat my homework (well, they chewed on my whole backpack)!

I wish that they'd eat my stupid Hatshepsut paper! It rained all day on Sunday, so I pretty much did nothing but worked on that.


  1. Cuteness overload! Your dogs are all adorable and I love their names.


  2. Your dogs are so cute! Great photos!

    We don't have any dogs but maybe someday...

    The Green Girls

  3. I think your dogs are really cute too!