Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Saint David's Day

Myfanwy tells me that today is Saint David's Day, which is a big holiday in Wales - so Happy Saint David's Day! Or Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant Hapus, as Myfanwy would say! It seems a little like a Welsh version of the 4th of July, ie patriotic stuff. St David is the patron saint of Wales so they have things like cultural events at school, and parades and stuff to celebrate.

This is a photo of Myfanwy wearing her traditional costume for school instead of her usual uniform because they're having a special program for the chorus and some poetry reciting. She said most people, like adults and stuff, don't dress up like she did, but that lots of people do wear daffodils or leeks since those are symbols of Wales and St. David.

Myfanwy is also going to make us something called cawl for dinner tonight. I've never had it but she said that it's just lamb and leek stew - she said she'd make a small pot for Ember without any meat in it, which I thought was very sweet of her.