Saturday, May 28, 2011

Memorial Day plans?

We have a long weekend this weekend for Memorial Day. It started with a half day on Friday, and then we've off on Monday.

We always use this time for a combination of yard work, picnics and day trips, so when the non-Americans in our group asked us what was Memorial day about, a bunch of us largely chimed in with things like cook-outs with hamburgers, some of us who've lived close enough to the shore said going to the beach, the first time the pools open for the summer season, things like that. I knew that wasn't why the day existed though (because it would be called Grillin' Day if it were, not Memorial Day, right?) so we looked it up. It's to honor all the Americans who have died in all of our wars. Victoria said that sounded a lot like their Remembrance Day (you know, except not Americans then).

Yesterday after school we went grocery shopping for things for the weekend, and in the evening after it had cooled down some, we did some yardwork. This morning we did some more yardwork (we've a big yard!) and right now we're inside cooling off again and having lunch. Then we're heading to the Mütter Museum for the afternoon, and having dinner in the city, which is neat because there's more different kinds of food to choose from than out in the middle of no where, where we live. Tomorrow we're going to go to the beach - it's a pretty far drive for us so that'll be most of the day, so we've no other plans. Monday we're staying home and having a cook-out party, that a bunch of friends are coming over for, which is why we've been doing so much yard work!

The weather is funny, it went from kinda cold and rainy, to really hot pretty quick, so we've been working in our bathingsuits so that we can take breaks and hose off or run around in the sprinkler. I'm afraid to take my camera out and take photos with the water going, but here's a photo Fin took earlier or Aedon, Joy, and Joy's little sister Grace, cooling off in the sprinkler.

Do you have any plans for this weekend?


  1. It sounds like you and your friends had a great time.
    As of now, I don't have anything planned, but that might change. Somebody might host a pool party...I hope so. Being from Lille, I rarely got to swim...

  2. Hi Aurora,
    Your plans sound great. What kind of museum are you going to? We're driving most of the weekend, but that's okay, because we're going to some pretty fun places and taking a really long trip.
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!
    Summer and Rebecca

  3. Hi Summer & Rebecca! Enjoy your trip!

    the Mütter Museum is part of The College of Physicians of Philadelphia and is full of weird medical stuff like conjoined twins, a HUGE collection of skulls by people of a variety of european ethnic groups, who died a variety of ways - one guy was 70 when he tried to kill himself by slitting his throat, but his larynx ossified so *he didn't die!* and lived until he was 80 - and skulls showing what syphilis can do to bone.