Saturday, May 7, 2011

new post, but no new pictures

Argh, I didn't post all of April! I'm bad at this blogging thing.

See, I'm so visual, I feel like each post must have at *the vey least* one photo, and so if I can't get out and take photos, or have photos taken of me, I feel like I can't really post, because no one'll be interested in just me talking. For awhile I couldn't find my micro-USB to upload photos off my camera, and also it's off and on been really windy and/or rainy, and really, not a whole lot has been going on.

But the other girls said that that's not really true that people only want to read things with pictures, and also that they'll help me out with writing more, too, if I'd want. I think that sounds like a great idea, and we're coming up with some sort of rota with them brainstorming what they'll post. Song and Xander thought maybe they might post music, and Mili thought maybe she'll write a story she can post as serial, or maybe just review her favorite books. The others are still thinking, though, but it got me all excited!

I also figured that I could probably draw sometimes and show you that, but I'd have to ask Fin to get the scanner hooked up to this machine again. If I drew something to post, what would you like me to draw?


  1. Salut, Aurora!
    I have been following your blog from the very beginning, but I don't think I have left a comment.
    Song, Xander, and Mili's ideas sound great. I'd be very interested. I'd also be interested in seeing your drawings. If I have any ideas, I'll let you know.

  2. I'd love to see your drawings! I don't think every post has to have a picture. The words mean a lot and your posts are always thoughtful and entertaining. Sometimes you can just post about how you are feeling on a particular day, or something that happened that meant something to you. Even one paragraph can be enough!