Thursday, May 19, 2011

rainy day packages

It's been raining really bad here all week. Luckily I was able to get a ride home from school every day so I didn't get soaked walking.

After we were done our homework, Fin said that we had some packages. They were some clothing that she'd bought for us, so of course we had to go and put things on and take photos. They're not great photos because Fin said it was "too wet for that nonsense" but that we could do it ourselves if we needed it done right then, but that if we wanted better photos later, she'd do it the next day it was reasonably dry. heh, so we waited until it was just drizzling, and quick ran out and took photos all ninja like. I took the one of Song, Song took the one of Joy, and Joy took the one of me.

Song is wearing a babydoll top made by PattiKuz and knit capris by DollCloset. Her hat and boat shoes are AG brand.

Joy is wearing a puffed sleeve tee by Katie J. Designs and a shift dress by MissSissy. Her hat and flip-flops are AG brand. Her necklace was made by Lizziebee Designs.

Me! I'm wearing a puffed sleeve tee also by Katie J Designs, a patchwork skirt made for me by PattiKutz, and a crochet shrug from Lavenderlore. Fin made m necklace, and both my hat and shoes are AG brand.

Around this time of year, and around then again in August or September is when we usually get some new things (summer outgrown stuff now, and then nicer/warmer stuff at the start of school - though of course people always seem to get a few things around the holidays as well). Have you gotten anything new lately?


  1. Hi Aurora,

    You girls always have the best clothes! I see several items that I'd love to wear myself. I particularly love your patchwork skirt! My human has one for herself and would love to acquire one for us one day.

    Speaking of my human, she did buy us a couple of outfits off Etsy - her first Etsy purchases ever! She is quite pleased with them, and I'm sure that she'll making many more purchases from Etsy in the future (well, provided she has the money, of course).


  2. You girls look très mignonnes. Definitely cute outfits! Aurora, I love your shrug and t-shirt.
    I haven't gotten anything since Christmas, but I will be getting some new things within the next couple of weeks. I'm so excited!

  3. Great pictures! You guys have awesome fashion sense! :-)

    (We're glad to finally see Song, too. We've heard about her, but I don't think we ever saw a photo.)

    The Green Girls

  4. Love your blog!

    Thanks so much for featuring two of my designs. I love the look of the babydoll top with the red capris -- so stylish! And the patchwork skirt outfit is very Bohemian. It's just the kind of look I envisioned for that skirt.

    Looking forward to more posts and sunnier days!
    ~ Patti

  5. Sophie - thanks so much! I love patchwork skirts, it makes picking the rest of the outfit so easy since there's usually lots of colors to choose from! Fin loves Etsy and has really good success with it, at least I can't remember her ever complaining!

    Sabine - thank you! I'd love to see photos of your new things when you get them! We love your style!

    Hi Green Girls! Thanks so much. I think the only other photo I've posted of Song has been awhile ago, from the week she arrived.

  6. Hi Patti,

    Thanks for the comments! I was very pleased with both pieces from you, and it was such a lovely pleasure to work with you with regard to the special request skirt.

    *grins* It'll be wonderful to get some more sun. It makes taking photos with dolls MUCH easier!